Hello world!

FINALLY!  The official blog for TASTE…and See!   This is the place where I’ll be sharing with you savory and delectable tidbits–recipe’s with a health-conscious flair.  Oh, and by the way… I have a motto: Just because it’s healthy, doesn’t mean it has to taste bad.

So, welcome to my world.  My name is Brittany Gleason.  I am a chef from Santa Barbara, California… the beautiful eclectic coastal town that has a hint of Mediterranean flavor with a side of Spanish architecture, historic adobes, beautiful tropical gardens and lush lawns. It is a California paradise.

I’ve had an interest in healthier eating since I was around 18, and began my cooking career at the famed Earthbound Farms located in Carmel Valley, California.  At Earthbound Farms, my  passion for healthy baking and cooking only grew.  After leaving Earthbound Farms, I worked with Chef Josie Rowe in the Monterey Peninsula at her bakery/cafe Diva Dulce.  Josie is a member of the Fassett family that began the famous Nepenthe Restaurant perched on the picturesque cliffs of Big Sur.  I received amazing training working under Josie, and my passion for cooking healthier foods continued to expand.

With an enthusiasm for creating healthy sustainable cuisine, and a personal commitment to using fresh seasonal organic produce, I began TASTE…and See, a catering company here in Santa Barbara.  I am also one of the pastry chefs at Sojourner’s Cafe & Restaurant , a landmark cafe and local Santa Barbara favorite.  Sojourner’s has been nourishing the body and soul since 1978.  I was also formerly the head baker at The Good Cookie, a non-profit bakery run by professionals to help the homeless, and SweetHearts Bakery–which is also involved in supporting orphan children in Rwanda.  I love knowing that my baking skills can be a part of something in the community that is so worthwhile. Some of their baked goods can be found in Whole Foods Market and Lazy Acres Market here in Santa Barbara, and New Frontier’s Natural Marketplace in Solvang.

This blog is really about YOU.  I want to share my vision, knowledge and recipe’s with you!  So dive in!  We’re on a path of discovery together!

“If we’re not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn’t settle for junk food.”- Sally Edwards


5 thoughts on “Hello world!

    • Hey! Wow, thanks! I really do more baking, but since the catering business is in full swing, I am doing more savory dishes. Thanks for the welcome, the follow and the comment! Let’s talk movies! 🙂

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for following my blog. Hope you try some of the recipes and let me know what you think. Feel free to browse, ask questions or make comments any time.

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